The plan is that Neil will upload his diary of how the journey is going, during the time he's not running eating and sleeping, (which won't leave much time!), so we can all feel the pain, and if necessary leave a message of support on the BBS. Diary entries are in PDF format (if you need it the free viewer can be downloaded from

April 14th Final Preparations, and a quick trip to South Africa
April 18th Arrival in Italy.
April 19th A restful day.
April 20th The Camper van is broken into.
April 21st A change of plan.
April 22nd Italian hailstorms.
April 23rd The offical start, radio, press and (more than 7 ) hills.
April24th Neil turns mobile twitcher.
April 25th Getting the miles in
April 26th The wrong kind of runs.
April 27th A day from heaven.
April 28th Neil decides to take the scenic Firenza Ring-Road Motorway!
April 29th Achillies trouble starts early.
April 30th Neil's thoughts turn to thighs. Answers to the BBS.
May 1st Now it's straight as an arrow for 200km.
May 2nd Ankle on fire, but on through Modena.....
May 3rd Pasta anatomy, and more treatment for the swollen leg
May 4th The start of the climb towards the Alps
May 5th Where are all the pigs and cows?
May 6th Slow and painful progress
May 7th New proverbs
May 8th The first parking ticket.
May 9th Valleys of vines
May 10th Goodbye to David
May 11th A beautiful day and an end to Italy.
May 12th Waterfalls
May 13th Geneva
May 14th Well mannered Swiss drivers
May 15th Rain and more rain.
May 16th The Fred McAuley Show!
May 17th Good but wet going on the "wee roadies"
May 18th Routes des Grand Crus.
May 19th Neil goes to pieces, but the day ends with Jaguar Cars buying dinner
May 20th Paul speeds off in his chauffeur driven Jag, then Neil gets sort of lost.
May 21st Pleasant running along the canal and more local Press coverage.
May 22nd "pure unadulterated misery"
May 23rd Some decent cheese, and lots of sleep.
May 24th A much better day-except Euro Disney, and no-one escapes their Mother
May 25th New driver Ann turns up for dinner
May 26th An Easy Day
May 27th We've got ourselves a convoy, and a piper - Hello Paris!
May 28th The morning after the night before.....
May 29th Mr Roberts, and the book with the blue cover, answers please!
May 30th Two front door starts.
May 31st Landscape of graveyards
1st June A 60km Day!
2nd June And on to Belguim
3rd June It's all so clean and tidy
4th June A sad Good-bye to Owain
5th June Netherland's excellent cylepaths.
6th June Windbreaks for shipping, but not for runners
7th June Happy Birthday Neil, welcome to Schipol
8th June Excess Baggage to Newcastle
9th June Hailstones, and bed before 7:30
10th June Bedrule. "Are you from Rome?"
11th June A tiring day along the Tweed valley
12th June Shuffle out of Peebles - Then a "rest!!!" until the final stage - see diary for details
13/14th June Flight to Johannesburg
15th June Don't buy Lasagne in Durban
16th June Comrades Marathon (56miles!)
17th June Rest day on a crocodile farm
18/19th June Back to Scotland and the long road between Carluke and Strathclyde Park
20th June Strathclyde Park to Memorial Gates (via the pub) and the Great Adventure is complete.
21June What now?
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